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What exactly does Ooba do?


We empower you to navigate the complex world of business and marketing by developing 'Marketing First' Business Plans and helping you grow by focusing on ProfitInnovation & Leverage. We do this by generating creative ideas that develop clear pathways to your goals.

We work with business owners and senior managers of organisations who are facing 'stormy weather'. And we help you navigate through it.  It could be that you're already sailing in choppy waters. It might be that you are a startup with new and exciting voyages to plan. Either way, change is coming and you want to make sure you've thought through all the options, opportunities, pitfalls and potential disasters. You need to 'get creative' on how it's all going to shape up and get done. You need ideas, options and insights from someone who has a wealth of creativity and experience to draw from and can help you and your team. You need a 'Marketing First' Business Plan.

That's where we step in. We use training and mentoring (via a number of frameworks and toolkits) as well as our twenty years of business and marketing experience, to help you minimise distractions, disruptions and chaos - whilst using our skills in innovation & creativity to help you build a practical, marketing-led business plan, that will guide you across any unchartered waters. 


We help you see through the fog. What are the real issues? What are those few things that, if achieved, will make the biggest difference? What will bring you the most stability, time and profit? We help define the actual problems that need solving (that lurk underneath) and see passed the the 'consequences', which are, often, blurring the path to success.


You get more of what you focus on. We help you focus away from the 'problem' and onto the 'problem solving'. It's a shift in thinking which makes a massive difference. We work with you to define what needs to be done, in what order, by who and by when? At a granular level. Sometimes, we can all become too close to our own project/business/team (and too concerned to get everything done at once) so that we're actually getting less done than we should. It's all become urgent and important, right? We help you break it down and navigate a way through it all.


Once we have clarity and focus, we innovate things. The undeniable truth is that you can't rescue your business without innovation and you can't grow your business without innovation. Using Design Thinking, we can help you with any part of your business. Marketing and Sales is our forté but, whatever the area of the business, we have the experience and team to help you 'design' the plan/strategy required.

Training & Mentoring

Our focus is on empowering you and your team. Through training and mentoring, our preference is always to provide you with the tools, insights and capabilities to tackle complex challenges yourselves. However, we sometimes execute projects for our clients as well with hands-on help.

Hands-on Help

We have a range of consultants that can deliver tangible, hands-on help to turn your business objectives into reality. Our background is sales and marketing but we can also deliver on corporate strategy, HR, finance, operations and IT projects. Sometimes, projects are a great way for your team to learn whilst working on a specific problem.

Some examples of tangible projects we have undertaken are:

  • Analyzing marketing spends to increase marketing effectiveness and profit margin.
  • Creation of sales and marketing plans
  • Creation of sales and marketing job roles and helping the company hire the right marketing person for their small business.
  • Development of an entire marketing communications setup/system so the client can then take over themselves.
  • Development of pitch presentations to raise funding (We have helped raise over £10m for a range of clients since 2005)
  • Consulting on digital marketing, website development etc.
  • Consulting on eCommerce, affiliate marketing and course generation.
  • Consulting on software application development, UX, UI and how to market these.
  • Consulting, sourcing and implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Creating a set of strategic conceptual graphics, icons & copy text to turn a complex service business into an easy to understand offer for our client's customers.
  • Helped (across multiple) startups raise over £10m in funding since 2006. Work involved Value Proposition development, messaging, storytelling, KPIs & key financials (e.g. when will they be profitable!), branding and pitch presentation work as well as pitch delivery training.
  • Project management of an 8 week communications 'revolution'. The client signed a global contract and suddenly needed to rapidly develop new comms (website, brochures, leaflets, How-to guides, infographics etc) for an annual conference.
  • Ran workshops for NHS to help solve the complex challenge of implementing a new patient survey system in a short time frame.
  • Ran a workshop for a team within a British multinational oil and gas company to help them create clarity on what their role was within the organisation, the threats to that role and what they could do (and become) to counteract those threats.
  • Developing Value Propositions, Positioning statements, messaging and helping multiple clients implement those into their communications.

Almost all the above "hands-on help" projects came as a result of initial consultancy sessions where we established clarity and then worked with our clients to determine what tangible things needed focussing on.





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