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Want more personalised help achieving your business and marketing goals?

A mentoring/training session with us allows you to access my business and marketing expertise wherever you are in the world.

The approach is dynamic, flexible and focused on getting you insights and results right from our first session. I give huge amounts of value in these sessions at (what I believe) is a price point that SME business owners can definitely afford. I love doing it. And I love helping get you on track with your business.

It's about advice and empowerment.

I call it mentoring because I am here to give you advice, explain available technologies, provide training, add insight to your strategy and get hands-on with you to make a real difference to your business and marketing.

This isn't "coaching". It's about empowering you and your team. I will be holding you accountable, but that isn't my core role. See me more like a non-exec director and/or an advisor - to help you navigate, by giving you clear, tangible options, insights and ideas - as well as challenging you.

In most sessions with clients, we are delivering results - i.e. Here is a challenge that needs sorting. By doing it together, we get it sorted. Meaning it's done. And you can move on to the next challenge. I don't just sit there asking you to do all the thinking/work.

How does it work?

  1. Please do get in touch. There's no obligation and no pushy sales here.
  2. We'll discuss in detail what's going on with you and your business. We may need an additional call. We might decide to meet. No obligation from you until you are ready.
  3. Once you are ready, we like to book in a "Kick off" session (if possible). This is hugely valuable and will leave no stone unturned in getting to grips with the voyage ahead. It is a half-day exercise. It's not compulsory but it usually works out to be a very cost-effective session because it reveals so much. If we can't meet in person, we can do 2 x 2hour Zoom/Skype calls to get this done rather than a half-day session.
  4. We then schedule a plan of engagement... i.e. a number of calls/meetings we can expect a month. If we're not sure, we'll make an educated estimate, get started and then review each month. It is all designed to work for you. There's no 'tie in'.
  5. We confirm the price. If you're not happy (at any time) you can walk away.
  6. If you are happy to proceed, you commit.
  7. We get going!

You also get:

  • Reasonable telephone support in office hours
  • Email and WhatsApp/Messenger/Slack (whatever you prefer) support during office hours.
  • Free access to our online "Ooba Club" while we're working together.
  • Free access to our Profit, Innovation, Leverage & Focus Meetup Groups

What is the price?

We like to give a lot for your money and believe we are extremely reasonably priced. Fees are genuinely based on what you need. Please call 01256 578007 and we will help.



01256 578007

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