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Discover our world of Profit, Innovation, Leverage... and Focus. The key areas for your success and empowerment. Don't battle through life. Don't struggle to make money. It shouldn't be that hard. Let us show you how to use creativity, and then powerfully focus your ideas, time and resources to get the results you need.

Profit, Innovation & Leverage Model


Workshop Structure

(Leave with a step-by-step plan that actually works and you can truly get results with.)

Getting Started

  • Quick Introductions
  • Very quick review of course material sent to you prior to the workshop
  • Recap of the Profit, Innovation & Leverage (P.I.L.) model.

Session 1: Defining our challenges - Get Clarity & Confidence.

Facilitated by Ooba, we mastermind together to help each attendee truly define your requirements for the next 30 and 60 days. What are the key challenges? Where are we now? What have you tried already? Asking "the 5 Whys". (Note: Masterminding is a form of 'leverage'). This is a totally bespoke, 'fact finding' session involving deep, hard questions and peeling back the layers of complexity. It's incredibly powerful and will get you to a state of clarity and confidence for the next sessions.

Short break

Session 2: Capturing Crystals of Time - Gaining control - for YOU.

Time is all we have. We believe that Time is also a form of Profit. If you can use resources, innovation and leverage to free up your time, you have mastery. With more time comes more space to think... which means more ideas... and then you can make even more profit. It is a spiral of success which has to start with finding time and taking back control. Many people don't want to admit that they aren't as efficient as they could be and their time is being 'stolen' by factors that they are allowing to effect their success. But we ALL can be better with our time. True mastery is about taking ownership of this issue and 'doing the work' to make a change. This session pushes you to find ways to capture crystals of time ... and then compress them into blocks of time that you can use to achieve results. It also challenges you on your routines, distractions, relationships and working environment in order to obtain true maniacal focus.


Lunch is important. We must create real down-time/breaks for your brain to renew itself. Ready for innovation.

Session 3: Creating the 30 & 60 day plan - Giving you a step-by-step success route map.

A cyclical, iterative development/ideation session. What needs to be done, in what order, by when. Hone, tone, repeat. Mapping the complexities and intricacies to a level of mastery. Creating the destinations... and the routes to get there. What elements of leverage are required? How will these be created? What are the risks? How can we minimise (offload) them? We help you get to the end the workshop with a plan so beautiful, it will empower you and motivate you to make it happen.

Wrap up

Accountability. Feedback. Additional support? What can I do for you to ensure your success? 

Follow up

Every attendee is offered a follow-up call 2 weeks after the event to help ensure that the plans are implementing successfully.


I look forward to helping you.



Additional Information

Full Day's Event from 0900H - 1600H

Lunch Provided. It is your responsibility to let us know if you have any allergies or food requirements.

The event will take place in central London, UK. The venue booking is still to be confirmed.

Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us with any questions on 01256 578007


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