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This group is all about helping you develop the innovative & creative solutions needed to enhance your performance. It doesn't matter if you are a go-getting entrepreneur or an employee in a big, insurance company - you have to be at your best in order to succeed and feel great about your life.

With additional time and money on your hands, you gain freedom, power, autonomy and you increase your life choices to do (and not do) the things you want.

This is something we absolutely believe is crucial to a fulfilling life.

In reality, that means getting paid right, making a "profit" (Time, Energy and Resources) and looking after your physical well-being. i.e. A combination of business growth and personal growth.

So, why not come and join other like-minded people in achieving your business and personal growth by utilising the power of our "Profit, Innovation & Leverage" methodology, combined with Design Thinking and Focus/Motivation tools.

By using:

“Significant Profit”
"Planned Innovation"
"Designed Leverage"
“Applied Focus”

We help you gain the Time, Energy and Resources to grow.

And, if we're not growing.... we're dying.

Let this group help you grow through our:

What kind of Topics/activities are Covered?

  • How to make/earn/attract more money and profit.
  • How to innovate and generate creative ideas to grow
  • How to create assets of Leverage (come along and see what we mean!)
  • Goal setting, focus and be motivation
  • Design Thinking methodology and how to implement it
  • Business strategy and growth
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • "How to's" - practical business and marketing explanations. E.g How to get hosting, How to get a logo designed.
  • Rapid Masterminding


One of the most powerful features of the events is the "rapid masterminding". Where we put our most pressing questions to the group and help each other to solve issues, generate new ideas and achieve growth.

Where is it held?

The intention is to hold the Basingstoke meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month and the West Berkshire meeting on the 4th Thursday evening of each month.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It is completely free. Tea, coffee, juice and water will be provided... and maybe some snacks!



So, join up and come along.  We look forward to seeing you soon !





Important Note
Please don't come along if you are just after selling your services or looking for easy 'business/marketing hacks'. Although, I am sure (done in the right way) there will be plenty of opportunities to help other members on a commercial basis as you get to know people and there is a strong likely hood that business will happen in the room, the intention of the event is one of learning, sharing and collaborating rather than pitching ourselves.

Please be concious that any information divulged in the sessions is private and should be kept so. For example, if in a mastermind session someone divulges information about their business, you are obliged to respect the privacy of the group members.

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