Fearless Decision Making Training

Make better decisions, faster and with less risk.


The world is uncertain. But there are ways to ensure you’re making better decisions and have the confidence to make the decision with conviction. Even if that is just working out how to minimise the downside if it all goes wrong. If you want to be able to make better decisions, faster and with less risk you need to get more creative to see the whole picture. This training day will show you how.


This training is delivered across 1 full working day. It is split up into 4 mini-workshops and discussions with regular breaks, including 45mins for lunch.

Content, Exercises & Resources

All our training is hands-on, exercise based, conversation generating and engaging. This training day covers The Decision Making Process, Alignment to goals, Decision Fatigue, Assumption Flagging, Fear Reversal, Taking Emotional Decisions, Minimising the Downsides, Group-Think & Biases and Decision Commitment Strategies.

All training resources will be supplied.

Delegates will be able to...

  • Follow a decision making methodology that empowers them to see both the bigger picture and the granular implications of their decision.
  • Establish a clear understanding as to how the decision will effect the business and the people involved - in the short and long term.
  • Utilise proven strategies to take decisions that they are emotionally attached to and determine the course of action required.
  • Know when to rest, seek inspiration, connect the unconnected, spot biases and not to rely on assumptions or past ‘accepted wisdom’.
  • Role play “worst case” and “magic wand” scenarios. And know when it just doesn’t really matter either way - Just do it, because not making a decision is a decision in itself.
  • Understand how to implement prototyping and testing in order to minimise resources and risk.
  • Communicate and implement the decision with confidence and clarity.

The Business benefits because...

  • Staff will be more autonomous and able to make complex decisions without referring to senior management as much.
  • enior management will have more confidence in their team’s decision making capabilties and trust them to deliver. Meaning they can focus on more innovative and strategic activities.
  • Decisions can be made faster so resources can be ustilised on implementation (and not on lengthy procrastination-parallesis)
  • Any changing, pivoting and u-turns can be made more rapidly - minimising resource costs.



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