Obliterate Decision Fatigue

Get clarity, declutter, simplify and refocus.


Decision fatigue is real. It’s why ‘clever people’, like judges, make bad decisions if they don’t get enough breaks. The knock-on effect is more chaos, as bad decisions then have to be rectified. This creates an insidious cycle of stress, worry, lack of sleep, an overly emotional state of mind - and leads to even more bad decisions. It’s a cycle of depressing failure that can creep up on us. It can be stopped. Discover how to de-clutter, simplify, focus and get clarity so you can slow down the chaos and make the time to make better decisions.


This is a half-day session. We can set start and finish times to suit your needs.

Content, Exercises & Resources

All our training is hands-on, exercise based, conversation generating and engaging. This training covers: How Decision Fatigue Manifests Itself, The Individual and Business Impact of Decision Fatigue, Deconstructing the Situation, Empowering Change, How Health, Fitness & Diet Impact Your Ability To Make Decisions, Capturing Crystals of Time, Tool-kit for Change Implementation.

All resources will be supplied.

Delegates will be able to...

  • Understand how the loop of decision fatigue creates bad outcomes, additional problems and increased fire-fighting.
  • Recognise when decision fatigue is creeping into the team and their role and take action.
  • Take ownership for their decisions, their health and their wellbeing.
  • Utilise Design Thinking to deeply assess what areas of chaos to tackle first and which ones will have the biggest impact.
  • Action plan their way out of decision fatigue and generate ‘clear fresh air’ for them to operate at their best performance.

The Business benefits because...

  • The mental wellbeing of your staff is important. Ongoing decision fatigue is costly and can lead to ‘overwhelm’ if not managed. By empowering your teams to take action early, it saves time, energy and resources.
  • Staff know when to take action against decision fatigue. This is empowering in its own right. Just by having a tool-kit to work with, provides reassurance, calm and a sense of control.
  • Managers can recognise when they are creating to their team’s fatigue and adjust their management style accordingly.


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