Overwhelm: Enough is Enough!

Find a new, energising freedom to take back control.


Not everyone admits that life is getting on top of them. Usually from multiple angles all at the same time. Entire teams find themselves at the mercy of an ever increasing workload, reduced budgets and the mantra of “more”. This workshop is to create a safe space to look at all the multiple factors creating the stress and work through them. We might not change the world in a day, but we can at least make a start and set a plan in motion.


This is a half-day session. We can set start and finish times to suit your needs.

Content, Exercises & Resources

This is a guided conversation session. In reality, this is an exploratory workshop, facilitated by Ooba, where we use the power of Design Thinking to enable attendees to start empathising with themselves, deeply defining and assessing their situation and generating ideas as to how to break down each challenge in a controlled way. People in overwhelm are in a fog of internal and external forces (all over-lapping) that have created a loss of control and an impending sense of disaster. Focus shifts onto the pain of the environment/situation and the team then struggles to be able to see solutions and pathways out of it. This workshop is an empowering session where we open up the room with exploratory questions and get maximum contribution whilst ensuring we cover the following:

  • Delivery: What does Overwhelm really mean and how does it happen.
  • onversation: Why are we here? What has happened to get us to this point? How can we deconstruct the three dimensional layers of overlapping contributing factors to our situation.
  • Delivery: Time - We are only now. Everything in the past is gone. Everything in the future is up for us to shape.
  • Exercise: Who are we to be overwhelmed? Recognising our role and taking our share of responsibility for our current situation
  • Delivery: Explaining the first three elements of Design Thinking: Empathy, Definition and Ideation
  • Exercise: Creating an Empathy Map and Heroes Journey for the team.
  • Exercise/Conversation: The 5 Whys: What key problems/challenges are the most important to get started on and triage rapidly
  • Conversation: Implication of not resolving our challenges.
  • Exercise: Ideation as to what can be done.
  • Conversation: But we are too busy just ‘surviving’? What can we do?
  • Exercise: Capturing Crystals of Time
  • Close: Agree a quick-fire and immediate action plan to put into place.

The Business benefits because...

  • The business gets a team of people who can see clear and practical actions, that they can take immediately, to start taking back control and counter-acting the internal and external forces that are preventing them from delivering to the standards the team aspire to.



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