Problem Solving and Ideation Workshops

Tackle a specific challenge whilst learning about Design Thinking


If you have a problem, challenge, quandry - or if you just need clarity on something, then creative/ideation workshops are a highly effective way to break through the barriers and get solid ideas on the table that can be implemented. Ooba Creative are proficient and experienced at asking the right questions, breaking down assumptions, driving the conversation (whilst keeping it focussed) and getting teams to find pathways to achieving their goals.

The trouble with brainstorming, ideation or whatever people choose to call it, is that doing it by yourself (or even as a team) is often flawed because, if you knew the solution already, you would have done it. But you don't. Because you are too close to it. So:

  • We break the loop of doom.
  • We challenge you (on pretty much everything)
  • We help you see the big picture... and the granular consequences
  • We engage with the session - adding ideas, adding alternatives and adding our expertise and experience.
  • We push you to smash things into smaller peices as well as join up things that might be tenious.
  • We make sure that the session stays on focus and on mission. 

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We know a lot of creative types out there just love 'whacky' exercises and crazy mind challenging workshops that get your juices flowing and make you feel ever-so creative. They're fun. And they have their place. But we don't do that. No spaghetti and marshmallows here. We're looking to achieve real, tangible business and marketing ideas that get results which fit your strategic objectives. This ‘training’ is usually structured as one, two or three half-day sessions. Our role is to progress you through the Empathy, Definition and Ideation stages of the Design Thinking process. We strongly recommend a minimum of 2 half-day sessions - the first session being Empathy & Definition and the second session being Ideation.

If required, we can attack the challenge in a full day’s session. However, we strongly recommend a proper lunch break where everyone can completely switch off from the morning session and clear their heads for the afternoon session.

Content, Exercises & Resources

Ooba will facilitate the sessions by opening up the conversations and monitoring focus, looking for assumptions, guiding thought processes and positively challenging people’s input.

We can provide all resources such as stickies, pens, flipcharts and whiteboards. If we are executing the event on-site at your offices, please discuss and requirements with us first.

Design Thinking creative session with Tricordant
Design Thinking creative session with Tricordant

Delegates will be able to...

  • Work as a collaborative, creative team.
  • Understand the Design Thinking process
  • Create Empathy Maps and Heroes Journeys
  • Zone in on “the real problem” by cutting through the complexity and defining the most important solutions they should be working on.
  • Generate innovative ideas and be able to assess them and build on the team’s engagement.
  • Spot Assumptions, Group-Think and Limiting Beliefs.

The Business benefits because...

  • The business gets real-world, hands-on solutions on the day (that can be acted on immediately) whilst staff have simultaneously learned powerful methodologies and tools for innovation.



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