You can contact me with anything you think is of "legitimate interest". I completely trust you to store my business contact data (personal or not) and relevant information in whatever manner you think best complies to good data practices. And I allow you to pass my details on to whoever you reasonably think is "good to do so" in order to fulfil the responsible need for networking, commerce, introducing me to people (either face-to-face or electronically), telling people about my work and generally aiding the purpose of winning and doing business.

Permission granted.

I expect you to allow me to do the same. If we differ in our policies, we can always unsubscribe, disconnect and/or cease doing business together. Apart from that, we've probably got more important things to be getting on with if we are just nice people who behave in a trustworthy and sensible manner.


1. The identity and contact details of the data controllers

Adam Clark, Managing Director of Active Organisation Ltd - trading as Ooba Creative

2. The purpose of processing the personal data and your intentions for it

A wide range of business activities. From trading (i.e. client & supplier relationships) to processing leads, prospects, friends, family and anyone who we have met who we feel we would like to keep in contact with. e.g. other business people we might not trade with but met at networking meetings etc.

3. How long the personal data will be stored for?

As long as we want or until the person asks to be deleted. If someone asks not to be contacted again, we do not delete the data because, otherwise, we run the risk of add that person to our database again in error.

4. The rights to request personal data, erase it or object to its collection

Just contact us and ask. Good business is about trust. If you don't trust us, then don't give us your data.

5. The contact details for a regulatory authority in the event of a complaint

Call us first and we'll put it right. If you aren't happy about it, then call the ICO. 

6. Who the recipients of the personal data are?

No one else but Adam Clark, Managing Director of Active Organisation Ltd - trading as Ooba Creative

7. If there are intentions to transfer your personal details to countries outside the EU and what level of data protection safeguards are offered

No intentions. Data may be stored on our web server (UK), Amazon Web Services (UK), our office laptops & PCs (UK), Dropbox (UK), AgileCRM (UK), MS Outook (UK), Gmail (who knows!?), Mobile and Tablet devices (UK), bits of paper (UK), in my brain (UK - unless I travel outside the UK... Then my phone and my brain and my laptop and some bits of paper may be outside the EU... Don't expect me to ask your permission before I go on holiday outside the EU because I might happen to take my laptop to do some work whilst away. OK!). 

8. Whether supplying personal data is obligatory or voluntary, along with any consequences for failing to provide it

Supplying your data (and all data is probably 'personal' now-a-days) to Active Organisation Ltd is usually voluntary. As such, it has to be stored somewhere. And, as such, we have technically "processed" it. So, if you supply your data, then you have supplied your data. There are no other consequences.

9. If the personal data is not collected from the customers themselves, then you must state where it originates from

Yep, we'll try and keep a record. Not always easy. We could have googled you. And found your website. And then written down (or stored in our CRM) your details. And then contacted you because we had a legitimate interest to offer you relevant products and services. Or someone could have passed your details to us as a referral/recommendation. It could be that you email us. Or call us. We'll make every effort to log "the source" and "the date" as best as possible.


Online Forms, Emails, Calls, Skype, WhatsApp...  and The Like

By definition, if you email us, fill in a form, call us or make contact in ANY way, there will be some kind of storage of data. Even if it is just an email sitting on a server somewhere with your email footer in it. Whether it's a skype call, mobile phone call or you fill out a form to join a webinar or download an eBook, you are submitting your details and, as such, they will have to be "processed" someway, somehow and you are giving us permission to do so.

Therefore, you give us permission to contact you back with all and any reasonable information. You may not have given us permission to contact you back with promotional newsletters or product/service information. But, you are (by default) giving us permission to store your data somewhere and then respond to your interaction by reasonable means with reasonable information. If this is somehow a challenge conceptually for you, please do not contact us. We haven't got the time to muck about with idiots who think GDPR and PECR is an opportunity to waste our time and, should it prove time consuming and/or cost us in any way with such behaviours, we will persue you for all and any charges that we consider reasonable.






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