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When looking at the most successful businesses... Why do you think: Apple don’t have a blog that shares useful tip-bits on computing or design or software... or anything.


When looking at the most successful businesses... Why do you think:

  1. Apple don’t have a blog that shares useful tip-bits on computing or design or software... or anything.
  2. Google founder, Larry Page, wrote you a letter on Alphabet ( rather than doing a video. They do own YouTube after all. Odd?
  3. Walmart (the biggest company in the world) barely tweets... and usually it’s just a retweet of something someone else has posted. They almost never create their own content. Marketing/Digital brands like Saatchi& Saatchi or PHD (a media agency) don’t even tweet daily. Neither do GE, Facebook, Volkswagon UK, Nike, Virgin Atlantic, Coca Cola... and Apple’s account just says, “Apple hasn’t tweeted yet”.
  4. Disney has 1.36m followers on Twitter. Yet they attract over 70m people world-wide to their parks. That’s backwards to your expected twitter followers to customers ratio, right?
  5. Starbucks owner, Howard Schultz, personally travelled across the globe and visited hundreds of stores talking to people personally about what they would want from their coffee experience.
  6. No-one ever types “Books” into Google to try and find a website that sells them.
  7. PayPal’s original startup “big scary vision” was to replace the US Dollar... but they didn’t tell anyone.
  8. Social Marketing is not the panacea of virality you might think it is. Through years of peer-reviewed research, social marketing accounts for only 7% of “word-of-mouth” product mentions.
  9. Companies like Microsoft, Google, American Express or Mishcon de Reya (a £110m law firm) create videos that focus on social currency, emotions, triggers and tell stories - and do not focus on features or benefits.
  10. Bill Gates has a minimal LinkedIn page and has only posted an average of 3 things a month, has 2 connections and 6.7m followers. Larry Page has barely got a profile, has 4 connections, has posted nothing and has zero followers... Richard Branson has 10m followers and Jack Welch 5m followers. What’s that all about?
  11. Whilst many companies consider it “a must”, Apple don’t remove any navigational elements from their website during your buying/checkout experience ... or have any use for Google PPC ... and so never use ‘closed’ product landing pages from Google results.


We know that, if you want to be successful, then learn from other successful people. We’re sure you’ve heard plenty of Marketing statements like “Tweet at least 8 times a day”... or “Never give the user full navigation on search led landing pages with an offer and sign-up form“ boldly proclaimed with utter conviction.

But, maybe, there is more to marketing. Maybe there’s a lot of overly-wheeled-out mistruths that have somehow become “fact”... which are actually wrong-headed. Or worked for someone elses’ business, but might not be right for yours. If you’re an SME or a startup, maybe there’s things you’re hearing about doing, that successful businesses just aren’t doing. Maybe it’s not as it all seems. And it’s not.

If you’ve had some of your marketing pre-conceptions even slightly wobbled by reading this, then it’s time to give Ooba Creative a call on 01183 282655 or email us using Maybe we can help.

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Adam Clark

Adam is a Business & Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Mentor. He helps businesses owners and corporate teams to become fearless in their execution and, as such, achieve sustained success. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with hundreds of SMEs as well as working for global oil giants, global sports brands and many public sector organisations.

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