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You are what you do.


If you are a builder... or a programmer... or a property agent... or a solicitor... and you decide to start your own business... then you are now a business person. If you were a solicitor, you are no longer a solicitor.

Role change!

If you were hired into a different role, you would double your efforts to learn everything there is about your new challenge. So, why do so many people who start a business think they can wing it.

How many business, marketing, recruitment, finance, operations workshops, books and training courses have you been on this year? If it's none, then I believe you are negligent in your duty to your business.

We are what we do.

If you have a brick. What is it? It's a three dimensional solid object made from ceramic. Great. What do we do with it? We use it in a wall. Yep... that's a brick.

What if we used mud ... or straw... or plastic (like lego)... It's still a brick. What it is made of is not what makes it a brick. What it does is what make it a brick.

So, if I take that 'brick' and I use it to prop open a door. What is it? It's a door stop. If I use it to smack someone round the hear... it's a weapon.

We are what we do. If you are an plumber etc and you set up a business then you must relinquish the role of plumber and become a business person. Be the business person. What would a business person do? If you don't know, then you need to learn.

Are you still doing the plumbing in your business. Great. Then you're a plumber.

Can you be both?

Yes... but make sure that when you're doing business... you're a business man. And when you're plumbing... your the plumber. Set your mindset in each scenario.

Your mission (as a business person) is to migrate from doing both (plumbing & business) to just running the business. It's a pathway. A journey. A polarity to work through.

If you are a plumber who dabbles in running a business, then you are always just going to be a plumber who does a few phone calls, does the bare minimum finance and never grows the business. You can call it running a business. But really it's just doing jobs for multiple clients. It's a job. It's not a business.

We are what we do. To get your business off the ground (as a proper business), then you must learn to swap roles.

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Adam Clark

Adam is a Business & Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Mentor. He helps businesses owners and corporate teams to become fearless in their execution and, as such, achieve sustained success. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with hundreds of SMEs as well as working for global oil giants, global sports brands and many public sector organisations.

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