A fusion of Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy to enhance your Business, Marketing, and Innovation capabilities.

The Marketing Mastery

For business owners and/or their marketing teams, we run business and marketing group coaching sessions in Basingstoke, Hampshire and Newbury​, West Berkshire.

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For Business Owners and Marketing Personnel in Basingstoke and Newbury.

What is OobaClub 'Monthly Group Coaching'?

It's an incredibly cost-effective way of getting business and marketing mentorship/coaching and training as part of a small group.

It is mainly marketing focused. i.e. We're into helping you with understanding your customers, developing your offer, marketing, sales, and customer experience - as well as innovating your business - rather than issues around things like HR or Finance.

It's a perfect 'middle ground'. Much less expensive than 1-to-1 coaching/consultancy whilst still getting highly individual support that is way beyond generic content and training materials.

Monthly coaching is for those who want regular, on-going, and very personalised support. It could be you're an MD of a smaller company and feel you need the regular, ongoing support. Or, it could be that you want a member of your team (who has been tasked with marketing) to get additional, ongoing support. We also do a Quarterly Planning Session for those who don't need quite as much support (probably larger businesses) or who are just too busy to attend every month.

We also have our free online Facebook Community and our (paid for) OobaClub Community where we provide a huge amount of support for our members.

Sounds good?

We love to help. And we love talking about business and marketing. So, why not give us a quick call (01256 578007) or drop us an email (hi@oobacreative.co.uk) . There'll be no pushy sales behaviour from us so, hopefully, we'll speak soon.