A fusion of Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy to enhance your Business, Marketing, and Innovation capabilities.

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

From hands-on, real-world granular skills - to strategic insights, planning and inspiring your team to be more ​entrepreneurial, we help your organisation to take on even greater challenges, and thrive in an ever changing world.

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For Business Owners & Senior Management Teams

​The Brutal Realities Of Passive Income Vs Active Income

Business Audit, Strategy Development, and Detailed Planning Project

Focused on, and driven by, the business requirement. Your mission, vision & values. Your products, services and their relative profitability. Profit, Innovation & Leverage opportunities. Establishing Management/HR, Finance, Operations, and Marketing departments' role in delivering the results required. Final deliverable is a business plan that will contain tangible goals and real-world, step-by-step overarching executables believed capable of ensuring your business achieves those stated goals. 

Each area of the business can then create the next level of plans. (See Marketing Communications Audit/Strategy/Plan below)

​The Brutal Realities Of Passive Income Vs Active Income

Innovation & Problem Solving Workshops

When things get difficult and overly complex, or when you want to step into unchartered waters,  it's useful to get some professional help.

So often in business there are complex, overlapping, timebound issues that prove to challenge even the clearest of minds. It may feel like you can't win. Or can't see a way through. Or the task ahead is just too complex and 'unknown'.

We use Design Thinking to help define the challenges, break through assumptions, stop group-think and inspire your team to innovate their way to success.

​​CRMs, Data And Automation For SMEs

Business Owners & Senior Management - Coaching & Mentoring.

Helping you on an ongoing basis to keep you accountable and helping you deliver on the business plan. Covering topics such as: Ongoing business strategy & planning | Problem solving | Product development  | Innovation | Customer centric business | KPIs & ROI | Process mapping | Cost saving ideas | Growth strategies  | Sales & Marketing insights | Technology, apps & digital transformation.

As well as that, we're often used as a sounding board for new ideas, or even just an extra set of eyes to review the work of a marketing supplier - or read through important documentation before it's sent.

Partner with Ooba for economic development?

Would you like business and marketing training for your stakeholders. We work with Housing Associations, Prisons, the DWP and Charities to train their customers/stakeholders in everything from starting their own business to social media and digital marketing workshops.

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Sounds good?

We love to help. And we love talking about business and marketing. So, why not give us a quick call (01256 578007) or drop us an email (hi@oobacreative.co.uk) . There'll be no pushy sales behaviour from us so, hopefully, we'll speak soon.