Compère and Host

Professional at all times, with a sharp sense of humour, Adam uses his experience in Business, Marketing and Technology to liven up your event and ensure everyone has a great time. Whilst being able to think rapidly on his feet, he will ensure he fully understands the subject matter. Having compèred and hosted at a diverse range of events/topics such as:

  • Music Festivals
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data
  • Creative & Marketing
  • Google Startup Grind

Adam also gets to know as many participants/attendees in the audience in order to make the event as relevant and personal as possible. 

Adam working with teenagers in a creative session.
Speaking and Compèring
Speaking and Compèring Green Park



Speaking Events

Adam has inspired and entertained at schools, colleges and business events - as well as sharing 20 years of anecdotes and stories from the world of marketing and tech. Whether it's drunken 'creatives' dressed as cowboys - pitching to a global electronics giant .... or driving down the M4 to Heathrow with emergency last minute print sticking out all the windows to be flown to Athens Olympics for the very next day, Adam has a wealth of examples and stories to liven up an event.

Adam usually writes unique and bespoke content for each event to ensure it is relevant for your audiences.


Companies have used Adam's ability to retain large amounts of technical and financial information to pitch to investors, clients and audiences - from Angel Investors to launching on OFEX. His ability to fine tune a well honed presentation and have the data to back it up in the Q&A afterwards has meant that he has helped raise over £850K for various clients, friends and business associates over the years. As well as that, he is flexible, can think on his feet and will immerse himself deeply into the pitch so that he can talk Big Picture/Vision/Strategy as well as the financial numbers and "what's in it for me" that clients and investors need to know.



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