According to Adam, creativity is the lifeblood of.... life. Whether you are a business leader, entrepreneur, manager, employee, parent or teenager, you spend your life-solving problems, coming up with ideas and making decisions.

Whether it is a new business or new product launch or just trying to come up with a holiday idea that the whole family could enjoy, we are permanently using our brains to battle our way through the maze of life.

Adam's talks are an inspirational insight into the power that we all have within us to be more creative and to use that creativity to be successful. We're not talking works of art or music or sculpture. We're talking about being inspired to ‘know' that all of us solve complex problems - every day. And all of us can be incredibly creative. It's about the ability to create a new future and create ways to achieve that success.

Adam's talks range from the overarching, "empowering insights as to how we can all be more creative"... into more specific areas of business activities and personal wealth that we all use creativity for.


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Speaker Style

Adam's style is entertaining, relaxed, insightful and full of anecdotes and examples. He tends to engage heavily with individuals in the audience and tailor the talk as he delivers.


Adam is available to deliver talks throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.


Each talk is approximately 30-45mins long. Adam is renowned for adding in additional anecdotes, examples and answering lots of Q&A so allow for at least an hour.


Currently, these talks are free although travel expenses will need to be covered.

Talk Titles

The Infinite Idea Pool

Use creativity to solve your business and personal challenges. This inspirational talk will open your mind to your ever-expanding ability to implement innovation and creativity in to your life, job, relationships or business.

What's your problem?

Got a problem? Have you? Do you know what it is? Really? Adam will enlighten your team as he peels back the layers and demonstrates live the power of "Why?".

The Profit Pulse

Start, grow or rescue your business. Discover the power of Profit, Innovation & Leverage in everything you do and how to use them.

The "10 Elements"

From our 3 day mastery SME bootcamp, the "10 Elements" is an incredible rollercoaster ride through the 10 things you need to do for business mastery. Prepare to be blasted with an intense session of incredible content.

The £1m formula

Learn to harness the power of money and become exceptionally wealthy.


If you have a company, team, community, meetup, event, exhibition or networking group and you would like Adam to speak for you, please do contact us on the information below.


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