"Adam explores your business with you and helps you find areas where you can make a real impact without a huge investment. All this is achieved in a relaxed and collaborative manner. In our first session with Adam we identified the area of focus. By the end of the second session, there was a plan in place. We achieved ROI within one month and our business has bought into a wholly new approach."

Michael Halliday

University Technical College (Reading)

I made contact with Adam at a point where my business was beginning to struggle. We had grown quite quickly over the recent past, partly due to diversifying into multiple related business areas. One side effect of this growth was losing clarity of how the business was performing financially, as I was at a stage where I was too busy keeping up with the day-to-day operations. After a significant amount of time of working all the hours under the sun (and moon) and taking very precious little money out of the business, I was ready to throw in the towel!!

After speaking to Adam for no more than a few hours, he had made some very insightful observations with our business model, identifying some of its flaws together with the positive areas which needed to be further exploited.

We developed a short-term and medium-term plan to make some changes that enabled us to maximise on our existing leverage, whilst increasing profit and allowing time for further business development and innovation. Following this I initiated some significant changes (some of which were very hard at first) which started seeing positive results very quickly.

A year on we have now increased our revenue by approximately 50% whilst almost doubling our profit margins. I now also have far more time for myself outside the business which in turn has made me, my family and my staff a whole lot happier.

I thoroughly recommend Adam as a business consultant to assist in such matters.

Kristian Westerhold

Managing Director, Red Current Ltd

"I’ve worked with Adam and Ooba for a couple of years now - dipping in and out of his knowledge and experience as and when I need it.

He’s helped me develop new ideas for my business and helped me close ideas down that without his support I may have held onto for too long wasting time, energy and money.

Adam has helped me to develop thought processes, products and services and a strategy that pulls it all together.

The service I get from Adam is always helpful, friendly, flexible and more importantly, makes a difference to both me and my business."

Peter Wakefield

Managing Director, Loving Monday Ltd

"I really enjoyed working with Adam Clark of Ooba Creative. He has given me some valuable insights into what preparation needs to be done before I take my product to market. We talked about Avatars, competitors, why products fail and what I need to do next. He demonstrated knowledge about all aspects of digital marketing.

Adam was also able to advise on my website, and other practical aspects of my brand presentation. He is extremely well informed and has a raft of experience to draw on. He understands how to communicate with us non- marketing experts without talking down to us or using unnecessary jargon.

Adam has coached me through a process so that I can do it myself rather than have the cost of someone else doing it. He makes the marketing process transparent and accessible.

Adam has the expertise and capacity to take on much bigger projects than mine but didn’t make me feel insignificant. I will happily come back to Adam at the next stage of my marketing process. I would also recommend him to anyone else too."

Jayne Johnson

Managing Director, Better People Ltd

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