A clear brand, culture and purpose

"Tame the whispers of the forest whilst inspiring an army of mercenaries"

What is it?

The visual, behavioural and emotional reason your business exists. A mirror of your Mission, Vision and Values, your brand becomes the symbol of these things. Your culture is how your people behave. And your Purpose is what joins it all together.

Why Spend Time On it?

It is the ultimate power of the business. The distilled essence that permeates through everything you and your teams do. It is the glue between the bricks. As you grow, this keeps everyone moving forward as one entity. It's hard to do. But, as Peter Drucker said, "Cuture eats strategy for breakfast".

Consequences of not doing it

Everyone needs a brand (your symbol of trust). An SME can survive without a defined culture or purpose. But, if you want to grow, then, without these rocks of strength, your business will flake at the edges and crumble from within.

Ooba's Business & Marketing Framework for Success

The Overarching Concept

Our approach is extremely simple. Successful companies operate in the following way:

  • Business
    • Make significant profit - what many SME owners may even consider to be excessive.
    • Leverage massively - they use other people's money, time, resources, people, networks, software etc.
    • Are continuously innovating - they pro-actively design their own futures.
    • Create systems, processes, KPIs & dashboards to enable them to operate in an increasingly automated and consistent way.
  • Marketing
    • Deeply empathise, understand and engage with their customers and stakeholders.
    • Offer incredible value - because they 'get' what their customers really want.
    • Deliver well crafted and considered messaging that builds their long term fan-base, brand, culture and purpose.
    • Invest significantly more proportionally into their brand (which builds accumulative, long-term value) rather than in day-to-day tactics (like social media).
  • Discipline & Mindset
    • Spend more time planning and in Quadrant 2 activities (see 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).
    • Create a culture and a personal responsibility towards their own mind-set and ability to achieve at a high level.
    • Set down good Habits and generate regular Pulse activities that get done relentlessly.
    • Understand the longer game, hold out for longer and know that perserverance is often the winning hand.

We have modelled these successful characteristics:


Business Marketing Discipline



The Deliverables

The 10 Elements of Business & Marketing Clarity


Ooba Creative enable clients to achieve Significant Profit, Designed Innovation and Planned Leverage - through focused training and consultancy (as well as creative problem solving workshops) to empower business owners and their teams to develop a fearless confidence in their strategic and tactical execution.

We deliver this via our unique "10 Elements of Business & Marketing Clarity Framework" utilising Design Thinking, Lean Startup Principles and Agile Methodologies.

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