3-Day Business and Marketing Mastery Bootcamp Experience

Are you (or someone you know) interested in coming along to a "pre-launch" 3-day Business & Marketing Mastery Bootcamp in Basingstoke?

Practice what I preach I said. Iterative business design and development is what we preach. So, we're going to do just that.

A bit of background

Very soon, I will be launching a high-ticket priced, 3-day, business & marketing mastery bootcamp and I want to test run it on some willing business owners who genuinely want/need to inject some ooomph into their business.

That's right. This is a "pre-launch". And the catch is that I want honest, thought-through feedback throughout the sessions/days as well as after the sessions. I will also be having the session photographed and possibly filmed (so please don't apply if you don't want your picture taken). And, as well as that, I am hoping to get some social media vibe from it all. i.e. tweets etc. What I am really asking for though is for honest testimonials. So, you will be asked to provide one (even if it is negative!).

Most of all, of course, I want to test whether "the product" is a good offer... i.e. the content, the delivery, the timing, the price etc etc.

So... (I know... crazy right) ... it's free for you if you sign up for this pre-launch. 

The 3 days will include:

  • The Profit Pulse - Discover the golden relationship between Profit, Innovation & Leverage
  • Full 10 Elements of Business Clarity for Success
    • A clear, deep and on-going empathy with customers
    • A clear value proposition
    • A clear messaging/positioning strategy to create STEPPS
    • A clear marketing communications process map/model
    • A clear business/marketing process map/model
    • A clear ladder of loyalty strategy
    • A clear implementation of leverage
    • A clear innovation strategy
    • A clearly documented and 'lived' mission, vision and values
    • A clear brand, culture and purpose (why)
  • Design & Website 101 - know what you need to do and how to work with (and brief) designers/developers
  • Email Marketing in a GDPR world - This is so powerful
  • Software tools that I use and recommend (most of them free or very low investment)
  • Automation tools that I use and recommend (most of them free or very low investment)
  • KPIs & Dashboards - How to create a sales funnel and business KPIs so you know what's going on (what gets measured gets done!)
  • Systemising - How on earth do you really do it (in practice) AND an awesome app that makes it easy to do
  • Create a rock solid business plan/model - From all the above (and during the sessions), we'll be working on your business plan that you will actually use and that actually works.

 We'll be working on your businesses as we progress. It will be hands-on, not just theory.

This bootcamp pre-launch is only open to 8 people. It will be held on 24th, 25th & 26th September 2018.

There is also a guest wifi that you can use if you need to keep in touch with your business whilst we're progressing and there will be regular breaks.

It is 100% free and I will provide water/juice, biscuits and teas/coffees and some kind of light buffet lunch. Feel free to bring any additional food/drinks as you wish.

The intention is that each day will start at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please please please only apply if you are serious about starting, building, growing or rescuing your business.


How can you join up? InMail me here on LinkedIn or email me with your contact details, company website (if you have one) and maybe a bit of background as to what you feel you might get from the session... and we can go from there.


Many many thanks



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