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Ooba Creative is a ​Consultancy, Mentoring, Coaching & Training company. We deliver experiences that upskill your organisation to take on even greater challenges, and thrive in an ever changing world

Blowing Smoke? Well... someone's got to I guess.

Everything I have done has been as part of a team. Whether I was in charge, working for a boss (or client) or a network of interested collaborators, I could not have achieved anything without the people around me. That is why I say, "I have helped...". Or, with employees, I say that they work "with" me... not "for" me. Success is almost always a collaboration and about having talented, experienced people to work with (and for).

My unique ability to understand complexity and make it simple - be that business, marketing, technical issues, software or the web... and then be able to generate ideas, messaging, clarity and workable plans. This is how I make the difference for my clients.

Just some achievements

Let us share our experience, knowledge and skills with you to help you with your business, marketing & innovation.

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